Neon red / pink. Fantastic gel polish and totally the trend!

This product is HEMA free!
Curing Gel Polish; UV: 120sec LED: 90sec.

Perform the prep as usual (cuticle removal, cleaning the natural nail with Cinnatize for a sublime bond and not having to file the natural nail).
Polish Love 2 Bond on the natural nail and cure it for 10 seconds. in the LoveNess UV/LED lamp..
Apply Love 2 Base Gel Polish and also cure it for a maximum of 10 seconds in the LoveNess UV/LED lamp.
Use over the gel polish Flexy Ultra Shine by #LVS, Power Seal by #LVS or Supreme Matt to seal the color well.

Maximum cure time of Love 2 Base Gel in the LoveNess UV/LED lamp. is 10sec, 30sec in UV.
Curing Gel Polish; UV: 120sec LED: 90sec.

All LoveNess gel polishes are soakable in 8-10 minutes.

Note: also applyLove 2 Base Gel Polish over a filed product.
This ensures that you can paint super tight and the gel polish will not chip.

LoveNess Gel Polishes are selected according to the trends of today!
LoveNess is a brand that listens to the stylist and will fulfill your wishes in every way possible!
Both in 2017 and 2018, LoveNess Gel Polish has won no less than 2 Readers Choice Awards!

Gel Polish by #LVS | Malefic 137 15ml

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