The history of German LCN brand goes back over 30 years.
LCN wide range includes the top popular LCN Nail Care products and beauty care line and equipment.
All LCN equipment is produced in accordance with the highest safety standards so that we can meet the requirements of the standards all over the world, including the very high demands of the German TUV, the Canadian CSA label and the Scandinavian countries. .

The devices are supported by official certification and product safety data according to EEC Regulation 91/155 / EEC.


LCN PLASMA PEN is an innovative treatment method that solidifies exfoliated skin and smoothes lines without plastic surgery. The method is based on the fourth state of physics in Plasma and its ability to form a small flash of steam and energy. The Plasma Method has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Surface Chemistry in 1932.
The best-known plasma source is solar plasma discharges, protuberances. Every day we see plasma in, for example, fluorescent tubes or incandescent lamps. The most famous plasma form on Earth is lightning.
An effective novelty that strengthens the skin and removes wrinkles.
Plasma is a very effective treatment for skin solidification without plastic surgery. In plasma, ions and oxygen in the air are passed to the skin. The treated treatment area solidifies "immediately" and a small light brown rupture is formed at the point where the energy is directed.
In addition to the face area, Plasma treatment is suitable for other areas of the skin such as the abdomen, the lower abdomen or thighs.



In plasma treatment, a small plasma light/ flash between the skin and the nursing head of the device is formed without contacting the skin. The moisture of the skin together with the light energy forms a vaporization point, producing so-called Plasma, which reduces and tightens the skin.

In the treated skin area, the skin functions are stimulated and the cell regeneration is prolonged for a long time. At the point where the energy is derived from the skin, a small rupture is formed.

Scrab should be allowed to heal in peace without applying any moisturizing / care wax, cold gel or make-up.

Cleaning the skin area is only allowed quickly with water.




When you arrive at a plasma treatment, please note:
Coffee, tea, garlic or energy drinks should not be enjoyed on the same day.
You should also stop taking Omega 3 at least one week earlier.
If you have a tendency to herpes, we recommend a medication / treatment before coming to plasma treatment.
Unfortunately, plasma treatment will not work if you have any of the following:
• Pregnancy / breast-feeding
• Diabetes (not balanced)
• Infectious diseases such as HIV / Hepatitis
• Cardiac pacemaker / arrhythmia (anticoagulants)
• Epilepsy, bleeding disease
• Thermal allergy
• Skin diseases
• Antibiotic / cortisone medication
• Regular use of St. John's Wort products (in St. John´s Wort antidepressants)
• Keloid tendency (scar formation)
• Allergies for anesthetics, nickel, gloves, disinfectant and eye makeup remover…
• Cancer












In treatment, the affected skin is fed with a needle that, when it reaches the skin, forms a flash / flash and immediately shrinks the skin. Due to heat, the skin forms a small rupture when the skin shrinks.
Approximately 1.5h of the time is spent on treatment, 30-45min of which is affected by anesthesia. After treatment, the skin is swollen and forms a small rupture that lasts
3 to 7 days, deeper lines or scars for up to a week.
Skin solidification is seen immediately after treatment, but the final result is visible after 3 months. The treatment can be renewed after 8 to 12 weeks, but many get help with one treatment lasting about 2 years.


The treated area forms a small scab for 3-7 days. Scabs should be allowed to heal in peace, without applying any moisturizing / care wax, cold gel or make-up. Cleaning the skin area is only allowed quickly with water.

We do not recommend sauna, sweat exercise, bathing and cold in the treated area of ​​the skin for as long as the bolts are still closed.

The treated skin area can be shelled when the redness and sensitivity have disappeared.

When the rupture has come off, the cosmetics can be used normally, but the skin should be protected with SPF 30-50 for 4-6 months.




It is very important that as a customer you know what services you are coming up with and what the procedure includes. That's why we always recommend a consultation visit that is free and does not commit you to anything. We will tell you about the measure, its good and bad sides honestly. As a customer, you also have a responsibility to get all the information you need about the operation. You know and understand what treatment you are coming to. After the procedure, it is the customer's responsibility to follow the instructions carefully so that the treatment can be done perfectly. It is important that you read the above sections carefully and follow the instructions before and after treatment.




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